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Working with other organisations

We explain some of the different ways that organisations can work together, from informal collaborations to amalgamations or mergers.

Content last updated 10/01/2023


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What is sub-contracting?

Sub-contracting is common in the not-for-profit sector, in particular between 'lead agencies' that are funded by a government department to deliver services, and other agencies that help deliver those services.  

Often, sub-contracts need to be prepared in a hurry after news of a successful tender application. As a result, there are many subcontracting agreements in the sector that are inadequate.  

Template sub-contract agreement under the NSW Human Services Agreement

Not-for-profit Law has developed a sub-contracting template for NSW service providers using the NSW Human Services Agreement.

Our template sub-contract agreement has been prepared for use by prime contractors and sub-contractors in relation to the delivery of human services funded under the NSW Human Services Agreement. Not all NSW service providers use the Human Services Agreement.

Go to our resources on funding agreements to download the template.

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