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Thousands of Australian not-for-profit organisations face legal issues every day. We’re here to help. If you’re part of an eligible charity, not-for-profit or social enterprise, you may be able to receive free legal advice from our team of lawyers with specialised knowledge of the social sector, and our network of pro bono law firms.

Making a simple online application is the quickest and easiest way to find out if your organisation is eligible. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply.  

You might find the answer to your question in our self-help resources and we encourage you to look there first. You may also be interested in our webinars and customised legal training for not-for-profit organisations.

Is your organisation eligible?

We give free legal advice to eligible Australian not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises. View our guide to see if your organisation may be eligible

If your organisation is based and operating in NSW, we are unable to assist you with your legal issue at this time. Find out more

Are you from a NSW-based community organisation? If your organisation is based and operating in NSW, we are unable to assist you with your legal issue at this time. 

A year ago, the NSW Government stopped funding our work. A year on, we now have no choice but to cut off our NSW advice services completely. We also have to start removing our tailored legal information resources for NSW-based community organisations from our website, because we no longer have the funding to keep them up-to-date and legally accurate.

We know our services are valued and used by tens of thousands of NSW community organisations each year like yours.

We need your help to ensure a sustainable NSW community sector where frontline organisations can access our free legal support to help them deliver services to the growing number of people in need across the state every day. 

We’re asking you to email a letter to the NSW Government in support of reinstating Not-for-profit Law’s funding so we can continue to support a strong and vibrant NSW community sector.



Our Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) service will remain unaffected, so if you’re from one of the 120 LALCs across NSW, find out how we can help

Our webinar and training delivery will also remain unaffected. Take a look at our upcoming webinars, or browse our training sessions.

An Aboriginal woman holding her baby in the front yard

Do you work for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community organisation?

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community organisations can receive customised legal advice and training. We’ve also designed self-help resources and webinars to make understanding legal issues and navigating the law easier.

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Local Aboriginal Land Council Service

We provide targeted, practical and culturally appropriate free legal help to 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils across NSW.