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Get legal help for your not-for-profit organisation

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Who we are

Justice Connect's Not-for-profit Law program is a national legal service, offering free and affordable legal supports for not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises.

We're a charity ourselves, with over 10 years' experience, so we understand the context in which not-for-profit organisations operate. For some organisations, complying with complex laws can be daunting. For others, it is prohibitively expensive. That’s why we provide timely and appropriate legal support – to help community organisations make sense of the law, stay legally compliant, thrive within complexity, and achieve good governance.  

Free legal resources

We have more than 300+ online resources, including fact sheets, guides and self-help tools, to help at all stages of your organisation’s lifecycle, from getting started all the way to ending your organisation.

Our specialised services

There are many legal issues not-for-profit organisations and charities face every day. We’re here to help you with tailored legal supports.