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Welcome to Eltham

Welcome to Eltham is a not-for-profit organisation made up of a community members who have come together to help newly arrived refugees settle in the Eltham area. They provide local knowledge, housewarming gifts, coordinate donations of furniture and other essentials.

In 2016, plans were announced to settle around 100 refugees in Eltham’s retirement home complex. When the news hit the close-knit community, a neighbourhood meeting was called to discuss ways to make the process as smooth as possible. This was the start of Welcome to Eltham, but as the organisers soon found, setting up a not-for-profit organisation and managing an eager group of volunteers can be challenging.

Welcome to Eltham co-founder Kirsten Bate reached out to Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law service for legal advice and information on a suitable legal structure for the group, and legal issues managing their volunteers.

Through Not-for-profit Law’s telephone advice service, a lawyer was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of Welcome to Eltham’s needs and provide Kirsten with comprehensive legal advice and legal resources to help the Welcome to Eltham committee members navigate the path forward. Kirsten remarked that:

‘Without Justice Connect I’m not quite sure how we would have navigated all the information and requirements related to incorporation and donation and volunteer management’.

By combining tailored telephone advice with practical legal information resources from our Information Hub, Not-for-profit Law was able to assist Welcome to Eltham to better understand their legal issues and responsibilities. This ensures that Welcome to Eltham can continue to provide valuable services to Eltham’s new refugee arrivals and build an inclusive and supportive community.

Now equipped with the legal know-how to run Welcome to Eltham with confidence, Kirsten said

We are enjoying bringing the community and new arrivals together with the knowledge that whenever we have a questions about our legal responsibilities we have a friendly, knowledgeable and easily accessible source of support. Thank you Justice Connect.’