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Board Webinar Series

About this event

Do you want to improve your understanding of governance? Is your organisation’s induction process the best it can be? How does your organisation handle conflicts of interest? Are you and your board up to date with current legal issues affecting not-for-profits?

Our Board Webinar Series will give you access to three upcoming webinars that will help you answer these questions and more. Together these webinars will ensure you and your board are better equipped to achieve good governance.

We’ll cover two important board issues: board inductions and how to handle conflicts of interest. Then we’ll step back and give you an overview of current legal issues for the board to help keep you up to date more broadly.

The series includes access to three upcoming webinars:

Board Inductions

We'll cover:

  • Why is board induction important, and who is responsible for it?
  • What should happen before appointment of new board member?
  • What should be covered in a board induction?
  • Checklists for what to think about at each step

How to Handle a Conflict of Interest

We'll cover:

  • What is a conflict of interest, and why do they matter?
  • How to deal with a conflict of interest and comply with the law
  • Consequences of failing to manage conflicts of interest
  • Practical tips and further resources to help your organisation

Top Legal Issues for the Board Agenda

We'll cover:

  • A sharp overview of current legal issues to keep in mind when setting the board agenda for your not-for-profit

What you'll receive for each webinar:

  • Opportunity to ask questions to the presenter
  • 75 minutes of plain-language training from a lawyer
  • Copy of webinar recording (available for 30 days) and slide presentation
  • Information on further resources and support

Who should attend:

  • New board members, experienced board members who are looking for a refresher, and senior staff
  • Anyone wanting to improve their understanding of these important governance topics

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