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Top Legal Tips for Community Organisations

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Looking for a simple, practical overview on a range of legal issues affecting community organisations?

Arm yourself with our top ten essential legal tips for running a community organisation at this handy, practical session.

You'll learn about:

  • Your organisation’s legal purpose, structure, charity and taxation status
  • Rules (or constitutions) and how to ensure they comply with the law
  • Health, safety, risk and insurance considerations
  • Personal information and your organisation's obligations under privacy laws
  • Financial reporting and fundraising requirements

Each tip comes with links to further guides, checklists and resources to help you apply your knowledge in your community organisation. 

 “It was great to go to plain-language legal training (without intimidation) that gave positive messages about preventing (rather than having to deal with) legal problems” (Training Participant, Top Legal Tips for Community Organisations)

Who should attend?

Those involved in not-for-profit community organisations of all sizes and legal structures, including unincorporated groups


3 hours

Maximum number of participants

30 (if you think your group will exceed 30 participants please contact us to discuss further)


One of our lawyers with expertise in charity and not-for-profit law and experience in providing training to community groups 


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