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Working with other Organisations

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There are many benefits to working with other not-for-profits, from accessing funding to increasing your reach in the community.

However, it’s important you understand the legal side of the various options available for working together, and what they might mean for your organisation.

You'll learn about:

  • Differences between a memorandum of understanding (MOU), partnerships, auspicing, joint ventures, amalgamations and mergers
  • Legal options available for formally working with other organisations
  • Key legal issues to consider before working with another organisation
  • Avoiding negative legal consequences of poorly planned arrangements

We’ll also give you top tips and additional resources to help you in the future.

Who should attend? Board/committee members and senior staff

Length 3 hours

Maximum number of participants 30

If you think your group will exceed 30 participants please contact us to discuss further

Facilitator One of our lawyers with expertise in charity and not-for-profit law and experience in providing training to community groups


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