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Managing Volunteers and the Law

About this training session

Organisations that engage volunteers need to understand their legal obligations and how to legally and safely recruit and manage their volunteer workforce. Volunteer managers will walk away from our training sessions with useful legal information, tips, tools, templates and resources to support them in their roles. 

We offer the choice of two sessions lengths: a 3 hour (half day) or 6 hour (full day). In the 6 hour session, we are able to go into further detail and explore several topics and scenarios more deeply, as well as covering several other topics relevant to the management of volunteers as listed below. 

3-hour session: 

Our lawyers will focus on the top legal issues you need to be aware of and provide additional tools and resources to help you confidently administer your volunteer programs. 

You'll learn about:  

  • Defining the volunteer relationship 
  • Equal opportunity in volunteer recruitment 
  • The ‘duty of care’ your organisation owes its volunteers  
  • Work health and safety duties 
  • Child safety requirements 
  • Legal responsibility for the actions of volunteers  
  • Risk management processes 
  • Reviewing or ending the volunteer relationship 
  • Top tips and additional resources 

6-hour session: 

This full-day comprehensive session provides you with a practical understanding of the key legal issues in running a volunteer program with further opportunity to explore the content, workshop ideas and discuss key issues with your colleagues.  

You'll learn everything in the 3-hour session, plus:  

  • Screening volunteers 
  • Managing unlawful workplace behaviours (sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and victimisation) 
  • Administering the volunteer program (record keeping, privacy, IP and payments to volunteers) 
  • Further top tips and additional resources 

Who should attend

Volunteer managers and staff who engage with volunteers

Who runs the session?

Your training will be run by one of our lawyers, who all specialise in charity and not-for-profit law.

How is this session delivered?

Our interactive sessions are currently delivered online. Face to face training is being considered on a case by case basis. Each session includes time for activities and questions, and a short break.

What is the cost?

Contact us to have a chat about our current pricing.

How long is the session?

3 hours or 6 hours

How many people can attend?

30. If you think your group will exceed 30 participants, please let us know.

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