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#fixfundraising Joint Statement Signatories

Signatories of the Joint Statement on Fundraising Reform

  • Justice Connect
  • Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)
  • Governance Institute of Australia
  • CPA Australia
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)
  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • Philanthropy Australia
  • Community Council for Australia (CCA) (see "Regressive Fundraising Regulations - Time for Change")

#fixfundraising supporters

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#fixfundraising supporters from A-Z 
  • AICD NFP Chairs’ Forum
  • Academy of Football Australia
  • Able Australia
  • Add-Ministry Inc
  • Alannah & Madeline Foundation
  • Alola Australia Limited
  • Altona Bowling Club
  • Anti Fake Charities Group
  • ANZGITA (Australian and New Zealand Gastroenterology International Training Association)
  • Artist's for Kids' Culture
  • Arts Law Centre of Australia
  • ArtSound FM
  • AskRIGHT
  • ausee Inc
  • Australian Arts Events Foundation
  • Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies
  • Australian Communities Foundation
  • Australian Community Philanthropy
  • Australian Council for International Development (AFCID)
  • Australian Multicultural Charity
  • Australian Spirit Journeys
  • Australian Women's Health Network
  • Australian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association
  • Australind Baptist Church
  • Aware Wildlife Rescue
  • A Roof In Return
  • Baby Give Back
  • Baby in Mind
  • Ballet without Borders

  • Banyan Community Governance

  • BayWest Bicycle Users Group
  • BBM Youth Support
  • Bear Cottage Children's Hospice
  • Bob Brown Foundation

  • Bonnie Support Services Ltd
  • Bonny Bayne Consulting
  • Bookwyrm Events 

  • Bridgid Cowling
  • Brisbane Women's Club
  • Bruce Christie
  • Busy Bees ETC
  • Catherine Sullivan Centre, Strathfield
  • Camberwell Centre (traders) Association

  • CanTeen
  • Casey Life Assembly of God
  • CBM Australia
  • Centre for Social Impact
  • Chizim Care Services Incorporated
  • Chris Chappell Consulting
  • Climate Council of Australia

  • Cloud Business Consulting & Bookkeeping
  • Cobaw Community Health
  • Collective Shout
  • Community Broadcasting Foundation
  • Community Broadcasting Association of Australia
  • Community Housing Ltd
  • Community Information & Support Victoria
  • Community Resource Network (CRN) Inc
  • Community Legal Centres Queensland
  • Company Matters
  • ConnectAbility Australia
  • ConnectGroups Support Groups Association WA Inc

  • Consumer Action Law Centre
  • Concerned Tatong  Citizens
  • Convoy for Kids Sydney

  • COTA Victoria
  • Council of Arts & Cultural Education & Development
  • Cumulus Rising
  • Cystic Fibrosis Australia 

  • David Sauer, Chartered Accountant

  • Deloitte
  • Diabetes Research Foundation WA
  • Diabetes Victoria
  • Deeper Movement
  • Domestic Violence Australia
  • Drug Policy Australia
  • Elizabeth Stubbs
  • Elisabeth Buchan
  • Emma Newitt
  • Engineers Without Borders Australia
  • EPIC Assist
  • Epworth Healthcare
  • Everydayhero
  • FamilyCare
  • Fibro & Us - Fibromyalgia Support Group Inc
  • Federation of Community Legal Centres
  • Financial and Consumer Rights Council
  • First Step
  • Fish Farming Vision Australia
  • Focus on Recovery Incorporated
  • Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)
  • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
  • Foundation for Young Australians
  • Fremantle Foundation
  • Frontline Yoga Incorporated
  • GAAP Consulting
  • Global Recordings Network Australia
  • Gloucester Arts and Cultural Council Incorporated

  • Gloucester District U3A
  • Good2Give
  • Grace Christian Centres of Australia
  • Grata Fund
  • Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions
  • Grange Training Solutions
  • Gippsland Grammar
  • Giuntabell Pty Ltd
  • Hair Aid 
  • Hannahs Foundation
  • Heavy Horse Heaven Inc
  • Herbert Smith Freehills
  • HLB Mann Judd
  • Horizon Mentoring
  • Howlong RSL sub branch

  • Human Rights Law Centre
  • Hypersomnolence Australia
  • Insulin for Life
  • JaMels
  • Just-Us In Justice
  • Karydis-Frisan & Associates
  • Keilor Over 50s Recreation Club Inc
  • Keilor Park Sports Club Inc

  • Kindred Spirits Foundation
  • Lena Glass
  • Lasallian Foundation
  • Launch Housing
  • Law Council of Australia
  • Lifeline Gippsland
  • Litterology
  • Lorelei Drake
  • Lymphoma Australia
  • Macally Lawyers
  • Macleay Island Progress Association
  • Makinson d'Apice Lawyers
  • MalCorp Advisory and Consulting
  • Maranatha Christian School

  • Marg Leser & Associates
  • MarionLIFE Community Services Inc
  • Marley St Community Hub

  • Maydena Community Association Inc
  • Melbourne Fringe
  • Melbourne Gliding Club
  • Melbourne Legacy
  • Meningitis Centre Australia Inc
  • MET Designs Ltd
  • Mission Australia
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship Australia
  • MNL (WA)
  • MS Australia
  • MS Research Australia
  • Morningside C.A.R.E. inc.

  • Movember Foundation
  • Multicultural Council of the Illawarra
  • mycause
  • National Democratic Alliance of Sudan Australia & Oceania Inco
  • Nepal  Sagarmatha Foundation
  • Newservices Pty Ltd
  • Nicholson's Solicitors
  • Ninti One Foundation
  • Oaktree
  • Oasis Affordable Housing Ltd
  • OMF International
  • Organic Motion
  • Oxfam Australia
  • OzHelp Foundation
  • PAFC
  • Parkinsons Queensland
  • Partners for Purpose
  • Pat O'Donnell
  • Peninsula Prostate Cancer Support Group Inc.

  • Playground Ideas
  • Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA)
  • Public Outreach Australia
  • Prost! Exercise for Prostate Cancer Inc.
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
  • Queensland Law Society
  • Rachael Funch, personal donor/philanthropist

  • Radiation Refuge Foundation Ltd

  • Rainbows in Schools

  • Rare Cancers Australia
  • RAS of NSW Foundation
  • Rationalist Society of Australia Inc
  • Redkite
  • Reiss Legal
  • Ricon Pty Ltd
  • Rob Lavers
  • Rockdale Rugby Union Football Club Inc
  • Royal Historical Society of Victoria

  • Royal Far West


  • Safe Shelter Shoalhaven

  • SANE Australia
  • SA State Emergency Services Volunteer Assoc Inc
  • Save Our Sons Inc
  • Save the Children
  • ShareGift Australia Limited
  • Shay-Lee & Happy Hearts Inc
  • Shamrock Rovers Perth
  • Shine for Kids
  • SIM Australia
  • Social Impact Legal
  • Social Traders
  • Social Ventures Australia
  • Somerville Community Services Inc
  • So They Can
  • South Gippsland Learning Differences
  • Southlakes Community Services
  • SparkLit
  • Sports Central
  • Sue-Anne Wallace
  • Sunraysia Residential Services
  • Surgical Specialities
  • Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption
  • Tap Art Gallery
  • Taskforce
  • Technology for Ageing and Disability Inc

  • Telco Together Foundation
  • Temple Society Australia
  • Tewantin Heritage & Historical Society

  • Therapy Focus
  • The Aussie Hands Foundation Inc
  • The Australian Contemplative Observatory 
  • The Bushfire Foundation Inc
  • The Centre for Volunteering
  • The Chase and Tyler Foundation

  • The Cova Project
  • The Hospital Research Foundation
  • The Dax Centre Ltd
  • The Global Women's Project
  • The Graduate Union of The University of Melbourne Inc.
  • The Good Life Farm
  • The Independent Theatre Inc.
  • The Menzies Foundation
  • The Minderoo Foundation
  • The Myer Family Company
  • The Peshawar School for Peace Inc
  • Trees for Life
  • Trustees of the Christian Brothers
  • Toby Verey
  • Trashcam
  • Veterinarians for Climate Action
  • VicBears Inc
  • Vicki Campbell
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • Vision International College Inc
  • Volunteering SA&NT
  • Volunteering Australia
  • VoteWise
  • WA Animals

  • WA Council of Social Service
  • Waldie & Co
  • WAYS Fundraising
  • Western Australian Animals Incorporated
  • Western Australian Council of Social Service
  • Whitelion
  • Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network
  • Willing Older Workers Inc
  • Wings of Hope Incorporated
  • Women and Mentoring (WAM)
  • Women's Art Register
  • Women's Legal Service (SA)
  • Women's Plans Foundation
  • Work For The Soul
  • Workplace Bullying Hero I Will Speak Up
  • World Education Australia
  • WorldShare
  • Yarra Foundation
  • YGAP
  • Youth Projects Ltd
  • YWCA Australia
  • Xponential
  • 107.3HFM(Heritage FM Incorporated)
  • 3RPC Incorporated
  • 3PVR Plenty Valley FM
  • Name withheld (x73)

#fixfundraising stories

As a new Neighbourhood House we are looking at fundraising to help grow the House but trying to figure out if we need to register for this or that or are we ok just to run an event has taken hours of reading. All of the information is complicated and contradictory.

Lanne, Marley St Community Hub

Because we are doing online marketing and fundraising we need to obtain licences around Australia. We only have one employee and this is a waste of time, effort and precious money!

Nell, The Cova Project

We are brand new and just starting to 'look out over the minefield'.

Chris, Busy Bees ETC

Several hours spent applying for Qld charity status with a regulated process that is hopelessly out of date plus paying $460 for an ad in the Courier Mail - not a great use of scarce funds which could have been much better used for our pilot program to provide postvention counselling & support to families impacted by suicide. As a practising accountant with 30+ years experience, the charity/fundraising compliance process would have to be one of the worst red tape experiences I've encountered. Well done on the work you are doing to have the process streamlined!


Treasurer, Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network

We spent over a year and countless hours to register to raise funds for the Australian Hand Difference Register. The AHDR is a joint project with the Royal Children's Hospital, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Aussie Hands. The process was so frustrating and timeconsuming. We have such limited resources, it is not a good use of our time undertaking this overly complex activity. It takes time away from our core activities – supporting people with a Hand Difference! We want to #fixfundraising too!

Name Withheld

We recently sought to re-register for 3 years through CAV in Victoria. What a nightmare of red tape . Required all Board members to submit to crim records, required details in including addresses for all members, and they wanted financials for calendar years even tho we are audited against financial years.  We we asked why they can't rely on financials we regularly submit to them (as incorporated body) and to ACNC , to no avail & was pointed out that ACNC is Federal.  ACNC should be enough !  There were many delays and difficulty reaching a human to talk to.

Name Withheld

We are a new volunteer NFP mental health consumer support group, please make it uniform and simpler for "ordinary people" to carry out fund raising.  We are doing our best to raise our own funds without tax payer support, hence it is only fair to stream line the laws and rules for fund raising across our wonderful country

Name Withheld

Our charity has operations based in one capital city.  Our senior executive team has recently enquired whether we could put up a fundraising page on our website allowing the public to make a tax deductible donation.  As an organisation we have not previously promoted our DGR status as a means of generating donations.  Our organisation: has a skills-based non-executive board; is regulated by multiple government departments and bodies; is audited by one of the ‘big four’ audit firms; and takes its legal and regulatory compliance obligations seriously. 

As we started to explore the regulatory impact of adding a donations page to our website it became clear that doing so could be seen as an invitation to the public in each Australian state and territory to make a donation.  The result of which means we may need to apply for a licence or authorisation under the various fundraising regimes in each of the 6 states and the ACT.  It quickly became clear that each state’s requirements and processes are very different and that it would be a complex and time consuming exercise to investigate the requirements, identify the ongoing compliance obligations and set about making the various applications in each jurisdiction.  To date (and without starting a single application) this has taken more than 50 hours of work.

Our senior executive team and board are still coming to terms with whether the costs associated with applying for and complying with all of the licences and authorisations are warranted.  This is all the harder given our operations are limited to one state, and we anticipate that we are unlikely to generate substantial (if any) fundraising from states where we have no operations. 

As a charity registered nationally with the ACNC, in the digital era it is difficult to understand why a simple web page inviting online donations triggers a labyrinth of laws, many of which seem incredibly outdated.

Name Withheld

It has been a nightmare. It was extremely time consuming to research all the different requirements state by state. And after that I then had to prepare all of the various forms for signing and co-signing by either members of our Board or our CEO because each of the states need something different to satisfy the requirements for an application. It is such burden for organisations like ours who are doing our best to help those most in need of help.

Name Withheld

I have advised large companies that fundraise by selling products with logos of charities on them. For these companies and the charities that they are supporting, fundraising laws are an absolute nightmare. Products are often sold around the country, and therefore engage every fundraising jurisidcition. It is often unclear whether the company or the charity, or both, need a licence/approval for the campaign. In my experience the legal fees associated with getting licecnes in place can be higher than the money raised through the campaign! Of course, lawyers often do this work pro bono - but what a waste of pro bono hours that could be spent doing really meaningful legal work for charities.

Name Withheld

What happens when people love what you do from afar? And then they send you money using your new smart phone optimised, search engine optimised website. And a receipt is issued, and accounts are audited externally, all your information with the ACNC is up to date.  All good. Right? Not so. With the advent of social media platforms and news sites, all of which have no state boundaries, our work is seen across borders. We've improved how we communicate, we tell compelling stories about our impact to improve our relationship with our donors. But we have to hope they are not outside Victoria or else fill out the paperwork and reporting for all areas.  Even if all we made is a very modest sum. The regulatory regime for reporting is still far from streamlined, and most NFPs continue to face a mass of reporting to many different bodies, and for us this includes quality accreditation, risk, audit and acquittals, tax, food safety, poisons, health records, child safety, training  and education. We can at least  make a uniform approach to fundraising that recognises the real world in which we operate. And lighten our load when a clear solution exists.

Name Withheld

I am the EO for a small not-for-profit organisation which operates nationally as a telephone helpline. I am employed part-time as the sole employee. As our organisation is totally funded by donations we set up a donation portal on Give Now to enable individual donors to easily make donations via credit card (we do not have this facility). In addition the Give Now portal provides receipts and provides a monthly record of donors which is fantastic bonus for a small organisation. However to achieve this we had to apply to be a recognised fundraiser to every state and territory in Australia (except NT).

The requirements for each state were different, some required police checks for our office bearers (WA), others required that we have a postal address in their state (NSW) - we are based in Victoria. To say that the process was labour intensive is an understatement.  We now have different reporting requirements for every state and territory - some annual, some every two or three years. In addition we have to notify these authorities whenever committee members change and also obtain police checks for WA. The other issue is that as an organisation working on a very low budget (approx

$60,000) we now have have to have our financial records audited annually and again the reporting requirements differ from state to state and so the auditor has to present more than one report. Previously we were exempt from auditing due to our low budget .

It would be ideal if fundraising approval could all be managed by the ACNC rather than on a state by state basis.

Thank you for taking this up. It is a great burden for small organisations.

Name Withheld

As an organisation we are very unclear of what the law is in this respect. We are a not for profit organisation and would benefit greatly from trying to raise some funds from other sources so it would be very beneficial if we could do this.

Name Withheld

Our organisation has two large entities based in Victoria and they carry out some fundraising in some of the other states. To simplify this it was suggested that we apply for a fundraising licence in each state so that the entities are covered if and when fundraising takes place. My experience with setting up these licences has been a nightmare! Every state requires something different eg. police checks WA, signatures and registers of all board members (who are spread across Australia and who may change from year to year). Forms going back and forth between states and gathering and collecting different groups of information as required by each separate state.  This process is in need of a well awaited streamlining.  There is no way of keeping on top of all the requirements of each state regarding fundraising when you have more than one entity raising money. The applications are tedious and time-consuming and many hours have been spent and wasted on sending and re-sending documents to these offices.

Please please look at merging with ACNC which already has the information required by these fundraising/licence states.  It is simply repeating the same process in a different format and wasting every individual's time.

Name Withheld

We registered to fundraise in each state (over 12 months ago).  Still awaiting approval from 2 states .... Long, long process .... ridiculous (really!!!) Each state has a different form which asks various questions with some requiring witnesses and  signatures of a JP. The inconsistency of this process across Australia is a red tape and paper trail nightmare which consumes so much time, and, in particular, for small organisations who  just want to focus on their charitable work.  If a national fundraising system could be established, this would eliminate the frustrations that small organisations (& large) which deflates the soul to have to go through and you begin to lose focus and passion for your initial needs to help others.

That's why NFPO are established - to help others. Why can't the government just support what we are doing - we are actually contributing and doing 'work' for them in supporting the community.

Name Withheld

Being a national organisation that funds around 450 individual community radio stations, the burden on us for applying in each state and then complying with each state's differing regulations is both cumbersome and expensive.

I accept that regulations are necessary to ensure that the public is protected from scam fundraisers that give us all a bad reputation, however how many layers deep do we really need to go?

Name Withheld

We recently sought to re-register for 3 years through CAV in Victoria. What a nightmare of red tape . Required all Board members to submit to crim records, required details in including addresses for all members, and they wanted financials for calendar years even tho we are audited against financial years. We we asked why they can't rely on financials we regularly submit to them (as incorporated body) and to ACNC , to no avail & was pointed out that ACNC is Federal. ACNC should be enough! There were many delays and difficulty reaching a human to talk to.

Name Withheld


We spent over a year and countless hours to register to raise funds for the Australian Hand Difference Register. The AHDR is a joint project with the Royal Children's Hospital, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Aussie Hands. The process was so frustrating and timeconsuming. We have such limited resources, it is not a good use of our time undertaking this overly complex activity. It takes time away from our core activities – supporting people with a Hand Difference! We want to #fixfundraising too!

Name Withheld

We recently sough

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