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Submission to Victorian Legislative Committee Inquiry into Spent Convictions

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Justice Connect has made a submission to the Victorian Legislative Committee Inquiry into Spent Convictions.

Our recommendation

We recommend that a spent convictions scheme be introduced in Victoria, bringing it into alignment with other states, territories and federal law.

Why we make this recommendation

An appropriately drafted spent convictions scheme will allow more people to contribute positively to society; to progress with rehabilitation including by being able to secure work. Paid employment supports gaining and retaining secure housing, among other benefits. Volunteering not only helps to mitigate social isolation (both of those who volunteer and those supported through the efforts of volunteers), it can also be a pathway to paid employment.

It is possible to balance this socially and economically worthwhile outcome ─ more people in paid or volunteer work, and a reduction in the associated health and homelessness risks ─ without undermining the need for appropriate screening checks for people working with vulnerable cohorts.

Read our full submission below. 

Last Updated: 11 July 2019