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Not-for-profit Law's policy and law reform work

Why do we do this work?

We want laws and policies that support good governance of not-for-profits. If laws are inconsistent, unnecessarily complex, and don’t take account of what is different about the not-for-profit sector then we look at it.

Sometimes policy makers head down the reform path not even aware that there could be implications for the not-for-profit sector (for example, they don’t think through how changes will affect volunteers). We don’t want changes that add red tape or inappropriately require more time and money to be spent, especially by the small to medium sized groups we focus on.

We also pro-actively advocate for changes that we think will improve the legal framework the sector operates under. We have done this with our #fixfundraising campaign

If you think there is law reform or policy issue we should know about, please get in touch.