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Law reform

We challenge and change unfair laws that impact not-for-profit organisations.

Our approach

For over 10 years, we have worked to address root causes of unfair or complex laws so that not-for-profit organisations can spend more time doing what they do best, serving their communities and helping people in need.

By leveraging insights and evidence gained from our legal services, we advocate to improve the regulatory environment for Australia’s vibrant not-for-profit sector, especially for small to medium organisations.

We challenge laws and proposed reforms that work against the public interest, increase the administrative burden on organisations and inappropriately require more time and money to be spent to comply. Often, these laws disproportionally impact small to medium sized not-for-profit organisations that marginalised and disadvantaged communities rely on and our legal services support.

By applying our casework evidence and data, we can identify the unintended consequences caused by reforms introduced for corporate sector alone without any consideration of the way it affects not-for-profit organisations in the economy.  

Our current campaign to #fixfundraising

Fix Fundraising

Australia’s fundraising laws are a mess. Our charities and not-for-profit organisations should be able to get on with their jobs of supporting marginalised and disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Fair Matters

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