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We need your help! Call for an election commitment to #fixfundraising 

Australia's fundraising regulations are a mess, and charities are wasting time and money trying to comply.

It is well past time to #fixfundraising. Please join us in calling on each of the major parties to make an election commitment to reform the laws that apply to the fundraising activities of charities. We need this to be an election promise so we can hold them accountable. This needs to be a political priority. 

We seek a commitment from each of the major parties that, if elected in May 2019, the new government will:

  1. Within its first 30 days, commit to implementation of recommendation 25 from the Strengthening for Purpose: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Legislative Review 2018 Report (that 'The Australian Consumer Law be amended to clarify its application to charitable and not-for-profit fundraising and a mandatory Code of Conduct be developed').
  2. Within its first 100 days, convene a meeting of all Ministers with responsibility for the Australian Consumer Law with the sole purpose of discussing amendments that would support better regulation of fundraising activities by and on behalf charities, including consideration of a core mandatory code.
  3. Support the repeal of existing fragmented State and ACT fundraising laws by ensuring the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is enabled as the one-stop shop for relevant reporting and registration, including its ability to securely share data with State, Territory and Commonwealth regulators.

Join the campaign!

Read the full letters:

The #fixfundraising campaign 

The #Fix Fundraising coalition and its supporters call on federal, state, and territory governments to implement a nationally-consistent, contemporary and fit-for-purpose charitable fundraising regime for implementation no later than mid-2019, by:

  1. Passing amendments to the Australian Consumer Law to ensure its application to fundraising activities for and on behalf of charities (and other not-for-profit organisations) is clear and broad;
  2. Repealing the existing fragmented State and ACT fundraising laws; and
  3. Working with Australian Consumer Law regulators, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, self-regulatory bodies and sector intermediaries to draft and consult publically on a core mandatory code to be enforced under the Australian Consumer Law multi-regulatory framework.

You can read the Joint Statement on Fundraising Reform:


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