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Who runs the organisation?

We'll guide you through the key positions in a not-for-profit organisation, including the roles and legal duties of committee members and office holders.

Content last updated 24/01/2023

What are the key positions?

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Positions in a company limited by guarantee

A company limited by guarantee (CLG) is one type of legal structure that is often suitable for a not-for-profit organisation.

There are particular roles in a CLG with different but related responsibilities. The roles in a CLG include :

  • members
  • directors
  • a company secretary, and
  • other officers (such as a treasurer or financial controller)

These roles are usually outlined in a CLG’s constitution or other corporate governance policies. These roles may have specific obligations under applicable laws, for example, directors have certain legal duties and may have personal liability if they don’t comply with those duties

Our fact sheet on governance positions in a CLG covers:

  • what is a CLG?
  • what is a small CLG?
  • the board of directors, and
  • an introduction to the legal duties of directors and officers of a CLG
Fact sheet: Positions in a company limited by guarantee

For more information on the legal duties that apply to people that govern community organisations, go to our duties resources. 

Positions in an incorporated association

If you are starting an incorporated association, or are new to working with an incorporated association, it’s a good idea to understand who runs the association and the legal duties that apply.

Our fact sheet for each state and territory covers: 

  • what is an incorporated association? 
  • what is a committee? 
  • governance 
  • committee positions 
  • committee members' duties, and 
  • committee members' liabilities 

Select the state or territory where your organisation will be based and download the relevant fact sheet:

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