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Managing people

Find out key legal obligations to your employees, volunteers and members.

Content last updated 21/03/2024

Recruiting employees

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What are your legal obligations when recruiting employees?

Our fact sheet provides information about your not-for-profit community organisation’s legal rights and obligations throughout the recruitment process.

This fact sheet covers:

  • an overview of the recruitment process
  • anti-discrimination and consumer law considerations in recruitment
  • screening checks, and
  • privacy considerations
Legal obligations when recruiting an employee

More information

You should also consider your privacy obligations and review our resources on conducting background checks, including our guides on background screening and Working with Children Checks. 

Discrimination in recruiting employees

Discrimination issues can arise when recruiting employees. It’s important to understand these issues and how to avoid them during the recruitment process.  

Our fact sheet includes information on: 

  • what is discrimination? 
  • do the anti-discrimination laws apply to your organisation? 
  • when is discrimination lawful? 
  • best practice tips to avoid complaints of discrimination in employment or offering employment, and 
  • complaint processes 
Discrimination in recruiting employees

More information

The Australian Human Rights Commission Vicarious Liability fact sheet contains guidance and resources for employers to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The content on this webpage was last updated in March 2024 and is not legal advice. See full disclaimer and copyright notice.

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