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Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs)

We have developed customised legal information resources for LALCs.

Content last updated 18/07/2023

Legal resources for LALCs

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Legal duties of LALC board members

The LALC Service has developed a governance toolkit for LALCs which provides information on the key legal duties of LALC board members (and staff) under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) and other laws.

This plain language toolkit has five parts and includes scenarios based on common situations that arise in LALCs and the not-for-profit sector more generally, as well as tips to help board members comply with their legal duties.

Download the full toolkit

Toolkit - Legal duties of Local Aboriginal Land Council Board members

Download each part of the toolkit separately

Part 1 - Introduction to your legal duties as a LALC board member
Part 2 - Duty to act in good faith and for proper purpose
Part 3 - Duty to act with reasonable care skill and diligence
Part 4 - Duty not to misuse information and position
Part 5 - Duty to disclose and manage conflicts of interest

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