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How to run the organisation

Find out what’s involved in governing your not-for-profit organisation in compliance with the law, from setting up your rules to holding meetings.

Content last updated 29/03/2022

How to run the organisation

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Our resources have information on the legal aspects of governing a not-for-profit organisation.

When running a not-for-profit organisation, you need to follow your organisation’s rules (or constitution) and hold meetings and keep records in accordance with your rules (or constitution) and the law.

This topic covers how a not-for-profit organisation must comply with the law in governing the not-for-profit, including:

  • drafting, using and changing the rules (or constitution) of a not-for-profit organisation
  • holding meetings, and
  • keeping proper records

The content on this webpage was last updated in March 2022 and is not legal advice. See full disclaimer and copyright notice.

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