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Handling disputes and conflicts

Understanding the law involved will help your organisation have the best outcome.

Content last updated 13/02/2024

Disputes with employees

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Dealing with disputes with employees

Disputes (or conflicts and grievances) between not-for-profit organisations and their employees or between two employees of a not-for-profit organisation occur for many reasons.  

These disputes should be addressed quickly and appropriately to avoid ongoing conflict and poor workplace culture.  Legal issues can also arise if disputes are not resolved in a timely and sensitive manner.  

While we can't cover every possible dispute between your organisation and an employee, our fact sheet provides some tips on managing disputes and includes information on: 

  • recording dispute incidents 
  • complying with internal policies and procedures 
  • notifying insurers 
  • discussions with employees 
  • confidentiality, and 
  • victimisation 
Handling employment disputes

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