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Fundraising and holding events

We'll help your organisation stay compliant with the range of laws that can apply when fundraising or holding events across different states.

Content last updated 15/03/2022

Fundraising and holding events

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Fundraising and events take a lot of work, but can be very rewarding for not-for-profit organisations.

A range of laws can apply when fundraising or holding events. 

To make sure fundraising runs smoothly: 

  • get the right permits and insurance in place from the start 
  • plan well in advance, as permits and licenses can take weeks for government departments to process 
  • if your event or fundraising crosses states, comply with the requirements in each state (legal requirements for events and fundraising are often state-specific) 

Grants are another common way to raise money as a not-for-profit. Grants can be a great way to grow your organisation, but often come with significant administrative and contractual obligations.

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