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Communications and advertising

Make sure your organisation understands how the law can affect what you can and can’t communicate.

Content last updated 24/08/2022

Communications and advertising

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Why are advertising laws relevant to community organisations?

Most community organisations need to advertise their services and to raise money for their activities.


Special laws and codes in Australia apply to all advertising, including advertising by not-for-profits and community organisations, as well as to fundraising activities. 

The laws of advertising apply to traditional advertising like TV commercials and newspaper advertisements, but also extend to signage, social media and even conversations. 

Getting advertising wrong can lead to a breach of the law and can damage the reputation of your organisation.

What you need to know about advertising laws in Australia

Our guide to advertising in Australia provides an overview of the different laws that apply, and practical tips to help your organisation comply. It includes information about:

  • Australian Consumer Law including misleading or deceptive representations, unconscionable conduct and harassment
  • advertising and the Australian Association of National Advertisers and Ad Standards, specific media-based rules and intellectual property, and
  • online and email advertising
The laws of advertising and your community organisation


Remember that when advertising relates to regulated activities, additional requirements can apply, including fundraising, trade promotions, and raffles and minor gaming 

The content on this webpage was last updated in August 2022 and is not legal advice. See full disclaimer and copyright notice.

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