Disputes and conflict

Disputes in an organisation can be internal or external.

Disputes and conflict
Disputes and conflict can be stressful. Understanding the law involved will help your organisation have the best outcome, and ensure action taken cannot be challenged later.

Internal disputes are the disputes that occur between management, between the board and members, between members, and even between employees.

External disputes are where you organisation as a whole is in a conflict situation with another person or organisation, such as a service provider, a landlord, a client, a partner or someone who believes they have suffered loss because of your organisation (such as through negligence or defamation).

This topic deals with both internal and external disputes and conflicts that your organisation may face.

It is very important to take proper steps when disputes arise, and this site can only provide information. In disputes and conflicts, especially where there are significant risks or your organisation is being taken to court, you may need the assistance of a lawyer.