Communications and advertising

Communications, including advertising and promotions, are essential tools for not-for-profits. 

Communications and Advertising
Communication and advertising are powerful tools for not-for-profits. Make sure your group understands how the law can affect what you can and cannot say.

As the internet and social media has grown, communications are produced more frequently and published more broadly than ever before. Communications raise special issues for not-for-profits, because getting communication wrong can raise both legal and reputational risks.

There are many laws that apply to public and private communications. Compliance with these laws will reduce both your legal risks, and reputational risks. The main laws to consider are outlined in this part of our website.

Your organisation should take special care when communicating about:

  • Fundraising - for more information go to our Fundraising webpage
  • Reporting on achievements or activities - make sure you get the facts right
  • Telling stories about clients or users - make sure you have consent and permissions
  • Promoting goods, services or events- make sure you get the facts right
  • Using information that could be plagiarised or the property of another - make sure you protect your own information, and don't infringe the rights of others
  • On social media - the same laws apply as to any other communication!
  • Conducting licensed activities such as minor gambling or competitions (like Bingo) - there are restrictions on what you can say and how you say it, for more information go to our webpage on Raffles and Minor Gaming, and
  • Talking about competitors, or making negative or potentially defamatory statements