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About us

Not-for-profit organisations should spend their time delivering their vital services, not struggling to work out complex legal requirements. We’re here to help.

Gerry Menere

Geraldine Menere

Head of Not-for-profit Law

Meet Geraldine

Admitted to practice in 2014, Geraldine has experience advising both vulnerable individuals and the community organisations that assist them. In a previous role at Not-for-profit Law, Geraldine ran the Local Aboriginal Land Council Service, providing legal advice and training to Local Aboriginal Land Councils across New South Wales.

Prior to this, Geraldine worked with asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to resolve their civil law and immigration matters. Before joining the legal profession, Geraldine worked in the banking and finance sector for a number of years as a leasing and asset finance specialist.

Geraldine is currently on the board of a NSW-based charity.