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Trade Promotions

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A trade promotion lottery occurs when an organisation, whether it is a business, community or charitable organisation, promotes its products or services or purpose by offering prizes to winners.  There is normally an element of chance, like a random draw from entries.

Organisations running trade promotions need to consider key issues like where their promotion is running, whether they need a permit in the states where the promotion is running, and whether they are meeting other requirements like having appropriate competition terms and conditions.

The Not-for-profit Law resources cover:

  • what is a trade promotion lottery?
  • when is a permit needed and how do to get one?
  • issues to consider when running online trade promotions
  • national trade promotions, and
  • Trade Promotions Checklist.

Note that Trade Promotions Laws in Victoria changed in August 2015. A permit is no longer required to conduct a trade promotion, however conditions in laws and regulations still apply. The fact sheet below has not yet been updated to reflect these changes. 

A trade promotion lottery occurs when an organisation promotes its products or services by offering prizes to winners selected by an element of chance (like a raffle). 

The following fact sheet summarises the legal issues for not-for-profit organisations to be aware of when conducting trade promotion lotteries in South Australia. 

Last Updated: 22 August 2017