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Resolving internal disputes

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Not-For-Profit Law receives many enquiries every day. In the past year, there has been a 35% increase in the number of enquiries to the service. A common issue facing not-for-profit organisations is how to resolve internal disputes. It may be that a member is not happy with how the organisation is running, or questions have been raised between or about committee members. Sometimes it is a dispute between organisations. Conflicts and disagreements can arise in countless situations and can often be confusing and stressful for all those involved.

Although Not-For-Profit Law is unable to provide legal advice on internal disputes, we have produced a comprehensive suite of dispute resolution resources for every Australian state and territory, which help incorporated associations handle disputes or grievances with members of their organisations effectively and legally. These fact sheets provide practical tips and information on how to respond to disputes and the options you have. You can find these on our Internal Conflict page.

We also recommend considering mediation to resolve disagreements in your organisation.  

If you are a Committee (or Board) member you might also want to take the time to consider your legal duties and if a member you might want to review your rights and obligations. You can read more about our new and updated Not-for-profit Law resources below.