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Not-for-profit Law's regular podcast can now be accessed from iTunes

The podcasts provide easy-to-understand assistance on various legal challenges facing Australian not-for-profit organisations, from updates to relevant laws and regulation, to obligations around tax status and board membership, to how to properly recruit and classify volunteers and interns. 

In the most recent episode, Not-for-profit Law looked at recent changes to federal and state laws and how they may affect your charity or not-for-profit. 

Now, you have the luxury of subscribing to the podcast via the iTunes store, meaning that once the podcast is completed, it will appear directly in your podcast feed, in iTunes on your computer, phone or iPod. 

So you now can carry the advice and expertise of Justice Connect's Not-for-profit Law team wherever you are, and stay up to date on the go and when you need it. 

Click here to be taken to the subscription page in the iTunes store. Then hit 'subscribe', and iTunes will take care of the rest!