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We run training on a range of common legal issues faced by community organisations and individuals within them.

Our training is aimed at small to medium not-for-profit organisations. It is presented by our lawyers and guest presenters. See below for upcoming webinars. Keep scrolling to access recordings and resources from our past webinars, and read what past participants have had to say. 

Upcoming Webinars 

Auspicing for Not-for-profits Webinar

Tuesday 29 October – 12.45–2pm

Auspicing can be a great way for community groups to access grants and funding, trial a new project or program, or hold a one-off event. Have you heard the term auspicing and want to know more about how it can help your group? Or are you in an auspicing arrangement already and want to learn more?

Join Annie and Rebecca for a 75-minute webinar and they’ll give you an overview of the auspicing process and take you through the key legal issues to consider.

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Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status - what it is and how to apply Webinar

Tuesday 12 November – 12.45-2pm

Deductible gift recipient (DGR) status is highly sought after. When not-for-profits have DGR their donors are able to claim a tax deduction on the gift. DGR status may help not-for-profits access more donations, grants and fundraising proceeds. Laws in this area are complex and navigating the rules for obtaining and keeping DGR status can be tricky. Join us for an informative webinar and our principal lawyer, Anna, will break things down into simple terms.

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Employment Law for Not-for-profits Webinar

Tuesday 19 November – 12.45-2pm

A fast-moving workforce of a not-for-profit organisation can present a number of employment law challenges. Realities in the sector such as fixed term funding and evolving programs can mean staff come and go or change roles frequently. Join our lawyers and they’ll step you through the key legal issues that arise when someone’s position changes or when the employment relationship comes to an end.

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Financial Reporting for Not-for-profits Webinar

Tuesday 26 November – 12.45-2pm

The end of the year is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to make sure you understand your organisation’s obligations around keeping records and reporting on financial performance. In this 75-minute webinar you'll gain an overview of your obligations and useful tools and tips to help you manage your organisation’s financial reporting requirements.

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Webinars on demand

If you've missed one of our recent webinars, you can get it here! 

To purchase a copy of the below recordings, use the links for each webinar. Once you have registered, and we have confirmed payment, we will send you a link to the webinar and a copy of the slides.

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Privacy Laws for Not-for-profits Webinar

Do you work or volunteer in a not-for-profit organisation? Do you collect personal information? If so, this session is for you.This webinar is must for anyone involved in a not-for-profit organisation that wants to know more about privacy law and best practice for managing the personal information of clients, members, volunteers and others.

We’ll walk you through the personal information lifecycle; from collection, through to use and disclosure, storage and access, complaints and the data breach notification laws. Access the webinar here.

Subcontracting and the Law - It's All in the Foundations Webinar

Are you thinking about sub-contracting some of your work? Or maybe you are running an organisation which is considering becoming a sub-contractor for another organisation? Perhaps you want to formalise an existing arrangement? This 75-minute webinar is for you.  Access the webinar here.

Get #social not #sued – Social Media and the Law Webinar

Social media can help not-for-profit organisations expand their reach and grow awareness for their cause, but it also has the potential to cause damage to the organisation, its clients, employees or volunteers. Sign up today for this webinar and we’ll step you through the key legal risks when not-for-profit organisations publish content on social media, including: privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property and defamation. Access the webinar here.

Let's Get Started: Setting Up & Running a Not-for-profit Organisation Webinar

Congratulations, you’re starting a community organisation! Join our “Getting Started” webinar and get off to the best possible start. In this webinar, our friendly lawyers (who speak like you, not like lawyers!) will share their handy tips and give you loads of important legal info to give your group a solid foundation to build on. Access the webinar here.

Member Disputes and Conflict on the Committee: Navigating the Legal Processes Webinar

Conflicts and disputes are stressful events, and the success of your not-for-profit organisation can depend on how effectively you manage them. In this session you will learn what the law requires you to do when a conflict or complaint arises between members or committee members of your not-for-profit. Access the webinar here.

Mastering Meetings Webinar

Are you responsible for planning, running or taking part in committee meetings, board meetings or Annual General Meetings? We can help! This webinar will walk you through the why, what, when and how of meetings and your organisation’s various legal obligations at each stage. Access the webinar here.

Starting a Social Enterprise Webinar

Are you thinking of setting up a social enterprise? Do you fully understand what’s legally involved? This webinar will step you through an overview of social enterprises, how they operate and how to choose the best legal structure for you. Access the webinar here.

Volunteering with Vulnerable Clients Webinar

Does your organisation work with the elderly, children, people experiencing hardship or those in care? Are you providing a safe environment for everyone, both your volunteers and the vulnerable clients they interact with? Has your organisation thought through its key legal risks and obligations? Recent Royal Commissions have shone a light on the obligations and expectations of service providers assisting vulnerable clients. It’s important to reflect on these lessons and how they impact your volunteering programs. Access the webinar here.


Here's what past participants have to say about our webinars

“This was the first webinar I have participated in and I couldn't believe how easy and useful it was. A lot of the time I can’t attend training due to location, time and the fact we are a small not-for-profit. I found this really easy and was quite impressed. I will be opting for more webinars in the future as it saves time by not having to travel and I can do it without leaving my office."

“I thought the range of content covered was really good and the questions that were asked were answered really well.”

“Very practical guidance and lots of access to resources and links etc to help in the future!”

“Webinars make it a lot more convenient and I would definitely recommend others to attend your webinars.”

“Really clear, concise and accessible information. Thank you!”


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