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Information Hub evaluation shows NFP Law's resources highly effective

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Not-for-profit Law undertook an evaluation of its resources for organisations getting started. The evaluation revealed that Not-for-profit Law’s online resources are highly effective and valued by the not-for-profit sector. The key findings of the evaluation are:

  • The Launchpad Resources were accessed over 10,000 times during the 7.5 months evaluation period.
  • The Launchpad Resources are highly regarded by those that accessed them, with almost unanimous feedback that the resources were high quality, easy to understand, well-presented and helped organisations deal with their legal problems.
  • The Launchpad Resources answer questions, but also teach people about what they don’t know.
  • 89% of users of the Launchpad Resources report increases in confidence. Focus group testing reveals that confidence does not necessarily correlate with levels of knowledge.
  • The Information Hub that houses the Launchpad Resources has been extremely well received by users including its navigation tools, look-and-feel, language used and categorisation of information.
  • Although not interactive, well drafted online written resources, in plain English with clear formatting and use of relevant examples can be very effective education tools.
  • Online resources are an effective avenue for reaching people in rural and regional areas and those who are time poor.
  • Webinars are a good way to provide an overview or issue spotting exercise, however also have potential to overwhelm attendees by setting out all of the legal issues to be addressed. To be of most use, webinars should be backed up with written resources to provide more detailed practical information.
  • The Launchpad Resources often save people and/or organisations time and money.
  • The Launchpad Resources are valuable for supporting volunteers in not-for-profits.
  • Those new to an area of law find interactive decision trees useful to succinctly set out issues they need to consider and where to find the information relating to that issue
  • While substantial traffic flows through the Getting Started section of the Information Hub, for some Google search terms chosen by those unfamiliar with the not-for-profit sector, the Launchpad Resources did not rank highly. For many popular terms, the Launchpad Resources show up in Google, but often between 4th and 7th in ranking which may not be high enough to attract clicks. More consideration needs to be given to search engine optimisation for a wide range of search terms for the Launchpad Resources.

Read the full report here:

PDF icon Information Hub Evaluation 2015.pdf